The Resemblance of the Canucks next season

Hutton and Tryamkin

Since there is only one game left in this current season, which if Columbus could get a win, will slot the Canucks in the 28th slot for the Draft Lottery, I thought I would look ahead to see what this team will look like next season.

For me, this is the 46th time that I have sat and wondered if in my lifetime, I will ever see the elusive Stanley Cup here in Vancouver, as the NHL Champion. Continue reading


Two Reasons the Canucks will be better next Season

Virtanen, McCann, Hutton


You know that saying about once you reach the bottom there’s no way but up, but after a season that is slowly, and I mean slowly, closing to an end, with some additions and deletions, this team can return at least to respectability.  I have been meditating on this topic for a few weeks now and have decided I best get this out before someone beats me to the punch.

Much has been said about the Canucks league leading -45 in GF to GA and that is not a difficult stat to figure out as this team, at least at the time of this writing, may end up with its fewest goals (currently 165) scored in team history, which is also at the bottom of the league. As for their GA they are 22nd which speaks highly of their goaltending, which is not a problem, nor has it been for many seasons. Continue reading

Canucks Tweets that need more Characters

Aquilini with Linden 483555297Since the Trade Deadline has come and gone and there has been a small uprising from the fans and media, I thought I would expand on some of my Tweets that needed a whole lot more than 140 characters.

#Canucks Con’t – so before the fans dump on #Benning, maybe they need to know if he indeed brought a #Hamhuis deal to Aquilini who said no. Continue reading

Nucks IceMan’s Vancouver Canucks Report after Ten Games

Written by: Larry “The Nucks IceMan” Johnson

I started compiling this report back in 2008 and gave it a number of different titles. There were beefs and bouquets, disappointments and surprises, the ten game report card and various others.

This time I’m just going to award some symbols that are self-explanatory. First, a few stats that set the tone and state what most fans already are aware of, that this team is not playing very good defensive hockey.

After ten games the Canucks sit in 12th position in the Western Conference with a record of 4-5-1. At home they are 2-2-1 and away 2-3-0. Continue reading